Police Blotter


• An officer was dispatched to a motel in reference to a broken window. On arrival, he met with the owner of the business, who stated that he had rented the room out to an adult male who broke two windows in the room and left the area. The officer spoke with a woman in another room had witnessed the incident. She stated that she had been in the subject’s room sleeping when she heard a noise. She stated that the subject had been drinking a lot and was throwing food on the floor. She told the officer that she asked the subject why he was mad, and he responded with several expletives and then went to the front windows and broke out two windows with his elbows. She then put on her shoes and was leaving the room when he threw the TV onto the floor. The male subject was located at a residential address, and told officers that he did not want to talk. He then stood up and placed his hands behind his back and told officers to take him to jail. The subject advised that the blood in the motel room was from a small cut near his elbow.

• An officer was dispatched to a residential address in reference to a theft of a wheelchair. He met with a female reporting party who told him that between the hours of 5:30 and 11 p.m. an unknown person took the wheelchair from the front porch of the residence. The woman was unable to provide any possible suspect information.


• An officer responded to the police department to speak to someone about the theft of rental property. A male reporting party told the officer that he had an electronic tablet stolen that he had rented as a rent-to-own item. The reporting party stated that between 5 and 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 27, one of his good friends who had been staying at his residence apparently took the tablet. The reporting party told the officer that he did not know his friend’s name or phone number. He also stated that he didn’t know why he was making the theft report because he was responsible for the item and would pay the rental business the $372 which was owed for the tablet. The business had wanted him to make a police report.

• An officer in a marked patrol vehicle traveling on Third Street observed an SUV driving down the middle of the street. The SUV made a very slow and wide turn onto another street without using a turn signal. The officer followed the vehicle, as it made another slow, wide turn. The officer activated his overhead emergency lights, and the SUV pulled into a driveway at a residence and came to a stop. The male driver could not provide a driver’s license, and told the officer that he didn’t have one, that it was revoked. The officer could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver’s breath and he exhibited other physical signs of intoxication. The car was registered to someone else and the driver said that he lived at the residence he was parked at. He admitted that he had “probably way too much” to drink and that was why he was coming home. When asked to step out of the vehicle, he asked “Why?” and would not get out of the SUV until after he was asked four more times. After he exited the SUV and was asked about performing roadside maneuvers, he admitted that his alcohol level was way too high at that time and that he was at his house and just wanted to go home and go to bed. He also stated that he did not want to do the roadside maneuvers. A check through dispatch showed the driver’s license as revoked for Habitual Traffic Offender, and he also had 18 additional actives. He was taken into custody and refused all testing. He was charged with a class 6 Felony in addition to other DUI charges. The driver stated that he was way too drunk and could not sign the forms that were presented to him.


• An officer was dispatched to a residence for a cold burglary. A woman at the scene said she had been watching the house for someone who was out of town, and found that the garage door on the detached garage was open about two feet. She checked the side door and found it still padlocked. Nothing appeared to be missing from the garage until she checked the freezer. Missing was a turkey, four pounds of bacon, and ten pounds of hamburger. The listed items were the only food items taken from the freezer. In a separate incident the previous week, someone had also stolen the propane tank from the resident’s gas grill.

• An officer responded to a location for a call of a possible cold assault. He spoke with a male who told him he had been assaulted at a popular local bar. He had been sitting at a table with a couple of friends just talking and hanging out; he had not had anything to drink that night. He was joking with one of his female friends, telling her to hit him in the face. His friend refused, but another female, who was standing next to his friend, punched him in the face with a closed fist. The reporting party did not know why she hit him. The officer noticed a deep laceration on the man’s face below his lip; when he showed the inside of his lip to the officer, he saw that the man’s tooth had gone clear through his lip to the outside of his mouth. The reporting party required six stitches. The man didn’t really want to pursue charges, but did want the woman to cover the cost of the emergency room visit. The officer contacted the female subject, who told him that some guy had got in her face and told her to hit him. She stated that she felt threatened so she hit him in the mouth. When told of his injuries, she said that she didn’t think she hit him that hard. The injured male and the subject worked out a civil agreement with the woman agreeing to pay his medical bill in return for him not pressing charges against her. The case was closed.