Police Blotter


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a Cortez hotel in reference to a theft. He spoke with a woman there who told him that she had been at Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant three hours earlier and had gone to the restroom, taking her phone with her. A few minutes after she left the restroom, she realized she had left her phone in there, and went back to get it, and saw two younger females coming out as she was going in. Her phone was gone from the restroom, and while she said she did not see the two females with the phone, she suspected they had taken it. The phone is described as a black iPhone with a purple case, valued at $400. She had already had her phone service shut off. Staff at the restaurant advised the officer that no cell phone had been turned in.


cortez colorado An officer responded to a location after dispatch aired a report that a male suspect was driving who was not supposed to be due to being revoked as a habitual traffic offender. The officer observed the described vehicle pull into the driveway at the suspectís residence, and the suspect got out of the driverís seat and ran into the backyard of the house. The officer stopped and went into the backyard to look for the suspect, observing that there was no one else in the vehicle as he passed it. While the officer was in the backyard, a woman came outside and told him that she was just driving her car. The officer told her that he had just seen the male suspect and that she was lying. The woman admitted that he was in the house. The officer called for the suspect to come outside several time through the open front door. Finally, the woman went into the house and he came out a short time later. When asked by the officer why he was driving, the suspect said that he had just given the car a tune-up so he and the woman could go to California; he was just making sure things were correct, and had just driven it around the block. He admitted to receiving a citation just five days earlier for the same thing. Dispatch advised that the suspectís license was revoked until 2016 for a single case, and that he has 11 other active restraints against his license. He was placed under arrest for driving under revocation as a habitual traffic offender, and was left incarcerated at the jail.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a location at a mobile home park for a disturbance between a man and a woman. The male reporting party at the location said that the woman, who he was in a relationship with, had gone crazy, grabbing at him and attacking him, tearing his pants and shirt, and ripping part of his car off. He told her to leave him alone and that he was going to call the cops but she continued following him around the vehicle, yelling and cussing. He did not want her to go to jail. The officer spoke separately with the woman who said that it was the man who had gone crazy, and accused her of sleeping with other men. She said that he grabbed her by the hair, threw her to the ground, and had punched her in the face with a closed fist at least three times. The officer saw no sign of injury to the woman, other than cuts on her forearm which she claimed had come from her boyfriend throwing her to the ground. After speaking to a witness to the incident, the officer determined that the woman had been the primary aggressor. She was placed under arrest for domestic violence, criminal mischief, and harassment.


cortez colorado Officers responded to a location for a report of a domestic violence situation and arrived to find a woman who was crying but would not tell officers anything, saying that she didnít want anything done. The woman was rambling and speaking incoherently, and refused to allow medics to examine or treat her. She walked away from the scene and ended up at another house. The medics attempted to assist her, but she was resistant and would not answer any questions. Witnesses told the officers various pieces of the story, and the man who was initially believed to be involved in the situation told officers that the woman had arrived at his place late the previous night high on meth or bath salts and he tried to get her to leave because his landlord does not want her around. He and a friend had tried to drive her to a friendís house but she jumped out of the car. When one of them tried to get her to get back in the car, she was acting out of control, and punched him in the face, causing his nose to bleed. An officer spoke separately with a witness whoís statement matched this account of events. When asked how the woman had gotten a cut, the subject told the officer that she had gotten it during one of her episodes a week ago when she had run out into the street naked and had hit a door jamb on her way out, and that officers had responded to that situation as well. The incident continued when the woman led the officers on a foot chase before eluding them, until another witness called about the woman running out into traffic on Main St., almost causing a collision. Officers were able to place her into custody after a great deal of struggling. She was taken to the emergency room for clearance and admitted to using meth that morning and rambled incoherently and made numerous outbursts. She had to be physically restrained at the hospital and a mental health facility was contacted to evaluate her due to her having a meth induced psychotic episode.