Police Blotter


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to speak with a female in reference to a restraining order violation, and dispatch also advised that there was an active protection order prohibiting a male subject from threatening, harassing, abusing, assaulting, following, or stalking the female. The female advised the officer that the male subject had called her 24 times in the last couple of hours and left one message and had threatened her. The male subject also had their son at his apartment while he was intoxicated and she was worried about his ability to care for their son. The officer went to the subject’s apartment. The son seemed fine, and the officer spoke with the subject, who stated that he did not make threats to the female, but did make threats to her about her boyfriend. He admitted that he was “really drunk” and he may have told her he was “going to “(expletive) slap her.” He then stuck his hands out in front of him and told the officer, “Just take me to jail, I (expletive) up.” Arrangements were made for someone to pick up the child, and the male was arrested. The officer listened to the voicemail the male had left the woman, where he called her several expletives and said “try and put me in jail, good luck (multiple expletives)”. The male was left in the care and custody of jail staff.

cortez colorado Two officers pulled over a car traveling 10 miles over the speed limit on Hwy. 145. The male driver smelled of alcohol and told officers he didn’t have his license, and that it had been revoked because of a prior DUI. The driver admitted to drinking, and failed voluntary roadside maneuvers. After he was taken into custody and handcuffed, he said he was not going to submit to breath or blood alcohol tests and wanted to talk to his lawyer. He repeatedly told the officer to just look the other way and let him go. He also stated that he was drinking and knew he should not be driving and that they would not have even caught him if he would not have missed his turn. He again said he would not take any tests or sign anything until he talked to his attorney. His mother came and picked up his car. At the jail when he was being issued charges, the subject told the officer that the next time the cops contacted him for anything, they had better be ready to shoot him because he was not going quietly. He was left in the care and custody of jail staff.

cortez colorado An officer responded to a residence for a call of a disturbance in progress. He contacted a male there who told him that he had been punched in the mouth three times by another male who used to live at the same residence but had been asked to leave earlier that night. The male told him that the subject had become angry when he asked him if he could have a threesome with his sister, and that is when he had been punched three times in the mouth. The reporting party then chased the male out of the house with a bat, hitting the window of his truck and breaking it. The reporting party admitted to being drunk, and was very excitable and crying. His girlfriend confirmed the story. When the officer spoke with the subject by phone, he said that it was the reporting party who had done the chasing with the bat, and that he had only struck him in self-defense after that. He got angry, which led to an argument when the reporting party had asked him if he could have a threesome with his sister. Due to inconsistencies in the stories, the officer spoke with the reporting party’s girlfriend again, who admitted that the subject had only punched her boyfriend in the mouth after he had chased him with a bat and broke his truck window. No charges were filed.

cortez colorado An officer was requested by dispatch to respond to Walmart for a shoplifting incident, and met with the loss prevention officer and a male suspect in the office. The suspect had been observed as he attempted to leave the store through the east exit doors while pushing a shopping cart containing a swimming pool. A door greeter asked for the receipt for the pool, and the suspect stated that he didn’t have one and returned to the sales area of the store. After walking around for a short while, the suspect pushed his cart containing the swimming pool past the cash registers and into the opposite, west exit foyer area without making any effort to pay for the pool. He was stopped there by store security, and asked to come back inside the store to the security office. The suspect complied, and then stated that he had a check and was willing to pay for the pool. The store security officer declined this offer and phoned police. The suspect confirmed this version of events and added that he intended to pay for the pool, but later changed his mind and decided to leave the store without paying. He again offered to pay for the pool, but was told that he could not due to Walmart policy. He was issued a summons for shoplifting.


cortez colorado Dispatch advised an officer that a male subject with two active warrants was currently at Walmart. Two officers responded and observed the subject shopping with a female, and when he saw the officers, he and the female separated. He was contacted and placed under arrest, and while handcuffing him, the officer could smell an alcoholic beverage on his breath. He admitted that he had one shot earlier. The officer contacted the female and dispatch advised that a protection order prevented the male from being in contact with the female, or from drinking alcohol. The female stated that she knew about the protection order, and that they had just not had time to have it modified.


cortez colorado An officer responded to the parking lot of the Sheriff’s Office in reference to an assault. He spoke with a woman there who told him that she and her husband and three children were traveling west on Main St. when they began having an argument. She said that her husband was upset that she bought a drink at McDonald’s and threw the drink on her. Her husband then punched her in the arm with a closed fist and threw and struck her with a cooler. She stated that he had been drinking beer earlier and just flipped out on her. She dropped her husband off near the duck pond at Centennial Park and he began walking west. A deputy located the husband, and the officer asked the husband what happened. The husband stated that nothing happened and he never hit her in the face; he would not say anything further. He was taken into custody, and as he was escorted to a patrol car, the husband stated “I don’t give a (expletive). I’m gonna do the same thing when I get out of jail.” He was issued a summons for harassment and domestic violence. While the officer was speaking with the wife, one of the children stated, “My dad was hitting her in the arm with an ice chest.”