Police Blotter


cortez colorado An officer responded to the parking lot of a local business in reference to slashed tires on a vehicle. The male reporting party was known to the officer from prior contacts. All of the tires were flat, three of them showing visible punctures. The male said he had been test driving the vehicle and it had been parked at the lot since the day that a huge incident had happened between his current wife and his new girlfriend at a local hotel. He was unsure if the vehicle was insured. There was no proof of who had vandalized the vehicle, only a suspicion that it could have been his current wife because of her catching him with another woman.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to the high school for a report of an intoxicated student. He observed a young woman sitting in a chair crying and being belligerent, and was almost overwhelmed by the smell of alcohol when he entered the room. A school official identified the female and said she had skipped the last block of school that day. She came by his office to purchase some prom tickets and he could tell how intoxicated she was. When the officer tried to talk with the student, she became more and more combative, and at one point reached over to try to slap the officer, when her mother yelled at her to stop. The unwillingness to cooperate continued and the female cursed and yelled at the officer. She was placed under arrest for underage drinking and handcuffed and placed in the patrol car. On the way to the jail, the female made the statement that she was going to tell the other officers that he had molested her, and was advised that everything she was saying was being recorded by a small video camera that all officers have attached to their uniforms. She continued to be belligerent and rude to hospital staff while receiving medical clearance due to her extreme intoxication.


cortez colorado An officer was conducting a bar check when he observed a male subject that he recognized from previous contacts. Dispatch advised that his driverís license was revoked for three alcohol offenses. Approximately an hour later, the officer observed the subject leaving the bar in a pickup truck, and when he activated his emergency lights and attempted to pull over the truck, the vehicle continued northbound out of town. The driver also ignored the siren after it was activated. The officer followed the truck all the way to a county road location, where it pulled into a driveway and parked. The driver got out of the truck, despite commands to stay seated in the vehicle. After he was handcuffed, he told the officer that he had to get home to his son. The man exhibited numerous signs of intoxication and refused all testing. The son came outside and asked if his dad was going to jail, and was informed that he was. The subject asked that his money and other items in his pocket be left with his son for safekeeping, and when removing the items, the officer also discovered a clear plastic bag that contained what appeared to be marijuana. The subject asked the officer if he would just toss the marijuana because he was in enough trouble already. He was served summons for driving under restraint (revoked), DUI, eluding a police officer, and possession of under an ounce of marijuana.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a location on Second St. in reference to an intoxicated female, and found her standing next to a pickup truck. She exhibited signs of extreme intoxication, and the officer could not understand her when she talked. She needed assistance walking, and told the officer she was 16 years old. She had mud and gravel all over her from where she had been rolling on the ground, and a check through dispatch confirmed her to have a warrant for her arrest. She was taken to the hospital for medical clearance and a doctor told the officer she would have to stay there where she could be monitored due to her high level of intoxication. The girlís mother was contacted and advised of the situation. The girl was served a warrant for failure to appear and a summons for illegal consumption of alcohol by an underage person.


cortez colorado An officer responded to the area of the public restrooms just north of the public library for a report of a man and a woman being intimate with each other. The officer found two people walking that matched the description given by dispatch. The male was very intoxicated and said that he did not do anything. Another officer spoke with the witness who had called in about the couple. He had parked near the library and observed the couple lying on the ground making out, with their hands down each otherís pants. The witness was offended and moved his car to a different location. He got out of his car with his infant child to head through the park when he noticed the couple had moved inside the breezeway of the restroom, where the male suspect urinated. The couple then continued putting their hands down each otherís pants and making out. When it appeared they were getting ready to perform a sex act, the witness began yelling at the couple that there were kids in the park. The couple did not appear to pay any attention to the witness until they saw him on his phone, at which time they walked away and joined a group of people. The couple continued to deny making out in public view. The couple were issued citations for disturbing the peace and told to stay out of all of the parks for the remainder of the day.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a location in reference to a window in a vehicle being broken out. He spoke with a woman at the scene who told him that she had been driving and heard a crash and saw that her right rear side window had been shattered. She stopped and noticed a male approaching her vehicle. The male asked her if her car had been hit by a lighter that his son had just thrown. The officer saw a large hole in the window, and the rest of the glass was shattered. The male approached the officer and handed him a lighter with a large metal case that he said his son had thrown; the lighter had been in the back of the womanís car after it went through her window. He told the officer that he and his son had been outside messing around and his son grabbed his lighter and threw it as the car passed, and that he was willing to pay for the window. The woman in the car agreed that if the man paid to have the window replaced, that she would not press charges.