Police Blotter


cortez colorado Three officers responded to a house in reference to a report of a fight in progress involving weapons. Dispatch advised that the persons involved were swinging shovels and axes at each other. Witnesses identified a female subject as one of the people swinging weapons. The subject stated that she had gone to the neighborís residence but had never swung weapons at them. The neighbor who identified the subject with the weapon advised that she didnít want to pursue any charges against her. The subject exhibited signs of intoxication, and admitted to taking a shot of whiskey a few minutes ago. Dispatch advised that there was a restraining order that prohibited her from drinking alcohol. She was arrested and issued a summons for criminal protection order violation and was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


cortez colorado Dispatch advised officers that there was a vehicle full of kids who were drinking and driving around town with a hatchet. A vehicle matching the description given was pulled over next to the rec center. A teenage male in the back seat was visibly intoxicated, and also had a baggie of marijuana in his pants pocket. The teen was so drunk, he almost fell down several times when being walked to a patrol car. He was issued a summons for underage consumption of alcohol. The car and an unopened bottle of alcohol in the youthís backpack was released to his mother. The other two teenagers, a girl and the male driver, were also released to their mothers.


cortez colorado Multiple officers were dispatched to an apartment in regards to a disturbance. On arrival, an officer spoke with a male who told him that he and a woman had been drinking at their residence at a trailer park. The male said that he left the residence with his daughter to go to his friendsí apartment to get away from his girlfriend/wife because she was arguing and yelling at him. The man and women came into town separately and she started yelling at him and his daughter in the parking lot of the apartment. He asked his friend to call the police because he had an active restraining order protecting him from being harassed, abused or threatened by the woman, as well as restricting her from having alcohol. An officer that spoke with the woman found her to be visibly intoxicated, and very uncooperative and combative. When she was asked if she had been drinking, she said ďisnít it obvious?Ē She was arrested and transported to jail. A second officer had to assist because she yelled the entire time she was in the back of the patrol car and said she would sue the officer for trying to rape her. At the jail, she continued yelling, saying the officers were racists, and cussed at officers in three different languages. She continued her behavior while undergoing medical clearance at the hospital, and after asking her not to disturb others in the ER, staff had to close the doors to her room. She was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


cortez colorado Several officers were dispatched to a mobile home park in reference to a disturbance. On arrival an officer saw a male with blood around his nose and mouth lying in the gravel road next to a trailer. The male appeared to be very intoxicated. When asked what had happened, the male said that he was trying to help out a friend and he got punched in the face for his efforts. The male was able to say who hit him, but did not want to press charges, saying those people were his friends and family. The people he had been drinking with said that the male had been trying to interfere in marital issues that a man and his common-law wife had been having. He had been asked many times to chill out and go to sleep, and was eventually asked to leave. He had to be forced out of the residence. The male then began kicking the friendís car, and that is when the friend punched the male in the face three or four times to get him away from his car. The friend also declined to press charges against the male for damaging his car. The male was taken to the hospital and in addition to a cut on the bridge of his nose, he possibly had a fractured foot from kicking the car.

cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to City Market in reference to an adult shoplifter. Loss prevention at the store had observed an adult female placing numerous items into a store canvas bag. She was detained as she tried to exit the store. The items stolen totaled to $63.68 and included the canvas bag, a cell phone charger, two boxes of hair coloring, bandages, tweezers, nail clippers, scissors, shoelaces, and lip balm. The woman admitted to the officer that she had taken the items, and that she only had change in her pocket and no money to pay for the items. She stated that she knew it was wrong to do and that doing this was humiliating. She was issued a complaint for shoplifting.

cortez colorado An officer contacted a woman in reference to stolen prescription pills. The woman told him that she had seen an old co-worker on Friday evening and had invited her to stay with her since the other woman was drunk and didnít have a place to stay. The woman did not know the last name of the co-worker. She said that when she went to bed, she placed her pills in her purse and took the purse into her room with her and went to sleep. When she woke up Saturday morning, she noticed that the co-worker had left and a large number of her prescription pills were missing, including hydrocodone, diazepam, and serroquel. When asked why she didnít report the incident Saturday morning, she said that she didnít know what to do and was advised she needed a police report number to refill her pills. She didnít have any idea where the woman had gone, but knew that the co-worker had moved to Florida a couple of years prior. The officer spoke with the manager of the business the two women had worked at together, and he was able to provide a last name for the suspect, who had been let go due to job performance issues. He also said that she had moved to Florida. The officer was able to obtain a local address from the suspect.