Many had a part in Mancos Giving Trees

This letter is to acknowledge the generosity of the people of Mancos in supporting the 19th annual Giving Trees.

First, I thank Terry King for donating space for us to set up our headquarters. Also, her tenant next door to our space, Randy Feuilly, covered our utility costs. Without them there may have been no Giving Tree this year.

Second, there are the donations. Financial contributions were made by Absolute Bakery, Bo Dean’s Towing, and Western Excelsior. In kind contributions were made by P&D Grocery/Mancos Pizza and Empire Electric.

Many individuals, whose identities will remain confidential, also contributed not only financially, but also very generously with gifts they purchased to fulfill our ornament requests. We served 45 families, a total of 128 people.

I also wish to thank the businesses who had Giving Trees available:

P & D Grocery, Zuma, Dolores State Bank Mancos Branch, the Mancos Library, and the Columbine Bar. Coldwell Banker, the Artisans of Mancos, Raven House Gallery, and the Columbine Bar all were available to receive gifts and hold them for the elves to pick up.

Next, I want to thank all of the volunteers that helped see this project through from beginning to completion. There are 39 people on my volunteer list. Although I did not call on all of them for assistance this year, I did have 20 people helping directly, including several of my family members.

Specific mention needs to be made for my granddaughter, Leila Watkins, who not only helped in the Headquarters several times, but also created a magnificent sign for our location.

Much thanks to all of the above, and to anyone I have failed to mention. I feel the project was quite successful, and it sure couldn’t have happened without you! See you next year!

Donna Watkins