How much more of Obama can we take?

Is this president stupid, unfeeling, unthinking or just disconnected from reality period. Nothing happening seems to make a dent in his demeanor nor does it get him off the dime to actually do something. Oh no. That’s not quite right. As he finished his quick little speech and press conference with Marine One in the background he said he would think about what’s going on in Iraq but his plans were after all already made. Fund raising for his party and some golfing. Nothing must deter him from those most important matters.

As the ISIS makes its murderous way through Iraq from Syria, he swans off to play golf and party. As people who disagree with this murderous group leave their heads beside the road on the way to Baghdad he is raising money hopefully to keep his sorry cohorts in office and playing golf. First things first don’t you know.

How much more of this can we take? He gets back a deserter and releases five murderous men who are going right back to planning to destroy us and the poor Marine in a Mexican jail can just go whistle for help. The IRS loses two years worth of emails belonging to Lois “Fifth Amendment” Lerner, the VA has a death list and on a personal note my cousin has been told she can’t have a heart valve replaced under Medicare.

Just how much more of this are we to take? How much more before the people supporting this sorry excuse for a man begin to come to life and yelling for him to leave the people’s house and take that greedy wife with him. One hundred and fifty million dollars in less than six years for personal vacations but no money for Medicare or the VA?

Catherine Spencer