Planning director Carver resigns

Director known for organizational skills, dedication to public

Susan Carver Enlargephoto

Susan Carver

Montezuma County planning director Susan Carver suddenly resigned last week for unexplained reasons.

Carver has been at the helm of the department since 2006, overseeing county development through implementation of the county land-use code.

In a statement, Carver praised the planning board for their hard work, and said she would miss working with the public.

“I think it is time to seek other opportunities,” Carver said. “I would like to thank my co-workers and the planning board for their dedication serving the interests of all residents of Montezuma County.”

Colleagues praised Carver’s professional style and relationship with the public she served day to day.

“I’d say she had the land-use code memorized,” said Dennis Atwater, president of the Montezuma County planning board. “She brought excellent organizational skills to the job and was patient and informative when dealing with the public.”

Calm under pressure, Carver was steadfast in fairly applying land-use regulations on the books, even though some were controversial.

Opposed to variances, she once explained “it is a slippery slope once a variance is given. They undermine rules everyone else has to follow.”

Carver also respected procedures for posting and holding public hearings, Atwater said, and was always prepared for meetings.

“One of the reasons our meetings flowed so well was the upfront work she did,” he said.

For regulators, being a stickler for the rules was part of the job, making them less than popular at times.

“She made sure that actions were in compliance with the land-use code. That is sometimes frustrating for people, but it keeps the county out of court,” Atwater said. “She was a real valuable asset.”

Carver is credited with creating a database for past decisions and policies related to planning and zoning for easy reference by officials.

“She’s moved on, it’s a great loss,” said planning assistant LeeAnn Milligan.

“I enjoyed my tenure with the county,” Carver said. “I will miss many aspects of my position, especially serving the general public.”