Where are Spruell’s past supporters?

What’s missing from Sheriff Dennis Spruell’s campaign? Have we seen input from law enforcement officers writing letters in support as they did last election? No. Have we seen pictures in the paper with members and leaders in law enforcement pledging support? No. If Spruell has done such a wonderful job as sheriff, I would think this support would be brought out for us all to see. Do these people still trust and support Spruell? I’m guessing something has changed.

My opinion is that people can only be lied to so many times. Spruell has made several comments about lies in news stories and at forums.

He should remember the lies he has told. Former employees of the office approached Spruell during his first campaign and asked if they wouldbe able to come back to the office after the last poor administration left. Spruell told me and others that anyone could be a candidate for positions at the sheriff’s department. Spruell never made a job promise. However he gave people the belief that they had as good a chance as anyone to regain employment, and these people campaigned for him. Spruell won the election, we all did exactly what he told us and turned in our applications. Some former employees were allowed to go through the testing process until the interview where they were told that the sheriff would not hire former employees.

Others were sent letters denying them the opportunity to even test for positions. Spruell led people on who he knew would help get him elected. He played with people’s hopes then turned his back on them. This is only one example of Spruell’s deceptiveness. Before you vote this primary, think about all the past support by local agencies and officials for Spruell and ask why it’s not seen now?

Michael Marston Jr.