Nowlin will bring knowledge, decorum

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In writing to support our candidate for the sheriffs office, with the primary fast approaching, I am simply expressing my right to free speech.

This process speaks volumes about why it’s time for Montezuma County to get some new leadership in the sheriff’s office. Steve Nowlin will bring intelligence and decorum to the office. I trust that the jail will be run professionally, I trust that all citizens will be treated equally, I trust Steve to be a man his staff can get behind(without them being told they are there to make him look good) and trust to be fair. I trust him to run a tight ship financially. I am ready for a new sheriff that has an

unblemished professional record, already has demonstrated he has the respect of his fellow law enforcement officers, and who can be counted on to bring 21st century approaches to the classic law enforcement code to protect and to serve. Please join in voting for Steve Nowlin with your mail-in ballot by June 24.

Emory “Ed” Brewer