Check your facts and get them straight


I would like to comment on a letter recently submitted by Larry Berger regarding Sheriff Dennis Spruell.

Berger should get all the facts before commenting on the actions of Sheriff Spruell. In reference to his comment about Sheriff Spruell being incompetent, I beg to differ. Sheriff Spruell has well over 30 years of experience. In regards to the deputy who was terminated for making homophobic comments, the Sheriff’s Office has a policy regarding employees’ actions both on or off duty. The mistake that the deputy made was he identified himself as deputy with the MCSO. (He broke policy).

As far as the dilemma with the U.S. Forest Service, I believe Sheriff Spruell was looking out for all of the citizens of this county, saying that we all had the right to travel to the forest.

As far as the recent issue(s) with the gun law(s), I would like to believe that Sheriff Spruell was looking out for your rights as well as the citizens of this county to bear arms. I know Sheriff Spruell is a big fan of everyone’s rights, no matter what.

Berger commented on Montezuma County being “one of the most depressed counties in the state” because of Sheriff Spruell. The reason our county is so depressed is because of the economy, not Sheriff Spruell; he can not control our economy. We all have been told by Sheriff Spruell to do our jobs to the best of our abilities and to do a good job, and he has complete faith and trust in each one of us. Before each person is hired by the MCSO they must have an extensive background check completed and most of the employees/deputies were hired under the previous administration.

Mr. Berger, maybe before you choose to write another letter slamming the sheriff for doing his job he was elected by the citizens of this county to do, you should check your facts and get them straight.

Deputy Jason Bishop

Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office