Mancos Days prompts cleanup

To put the town's best foot forward, Mancos officials are urging residents to step up and maintain their private property.

In preparation for Mancos Days later this month, Mancos officials are asking residents to take pride in the community by properly maintaining their property. A multi-day town-wide celebration of pioneer heritage, Mancos Days is slated for July 26-28.

"The celebration is a time to showcase our special town and the beauty of the Mancos Valley," said town administrator Andrea Phillips. "In this spirit, we encourage everyone to put in a little extra work in and around their properties to help Mancos look its very best."

Code regulations require residents to maintain even property easements granted for utility lines, alleys and between the street to the property line, Phillips said.

Easement maintenance for property owners and/or tenants includes properly pruning trees as well as cutting grass and weeds. Code guidelines mandate that tree limbs, for example, do not extend over the sidewalk or street, and grass is not allowed to grow more than a foot high. Other items the town code address are inoperable vehicles, rubbish and junk items.

"These are just some of the basic standards in the code that ensure a healthy, safe and well-maintained community," Phillips said. "When we invest in our physical surroundings, it encourages others to take care of it as well."

The town's code regulations are available online at