Project raises flood-plain issues

THIS ARCHITECTURAL drawing shows the existing school structure with the location of the additions and remodeled spaces.

The Dolores School board on Tuesday wrangled with a demolition bid and flood plain issues on the $6 million campus expansion project.

James Ketter, owner representative for the project, reported demolition is scheduled to begin July 15.

FCI Constructors is the contractor, but the exact price for the job is still being negotiated. It is not expected to exceed $225,000, and the final figure will be approved at a special board meeting on June 28 at 7:30 a.m.

"It is a fast-track project, but we don't want to rush too much so we have time to get the best guaranteed maximum price for the demo bid package," Ketter said.

Ketter reported that a flood plain hurdle must be cleared before work can begin as well.

The Town of Dolores issues the flood plain permit and there is a difference of opinion over its requirements, he said.

Project and school officials met on Wednesday with the town to resolve the issues.

"If we have to adjust designs to make it more flood proof, it will be a substantial cost increase and cause delays," said Scott Cooper, Re-4A superintendent.

Upcoming bids to finalize are the foundation/structural bid package and the building construction bid.

Construction will be ongoing during the upcoming school year. Foundations will be installed in October and November, and then buildings will begin going up. Cooper warned that staff and students should be prepared for organized chaos.

"It will be a very active construction site during the school year, so we will be keeping kids safe and out of the way, while allowing the project to move forward," he said.

The new school campus will be completed by September 2014.

The board showed their appreciation for Alan Thayer, who recently resigned from the board. A gourmet cake made by board member Linnea Vass was served and a poem was written by Re-4A business manager Karen Andrews in Thayer's honor.

The board interviewed six candidates for the board vacancy. The candidates are Keith Moore, Rick Carpenter, Lenetta Shull, Matt Macham, Stan Mannis and Emily Budd. A decision will be made on Thursday.

The new board member will serve out the remainder of Thayer's term and have to run for a four-year term in the November election.

The board approved the 2013-14 budget of $17.3 million. The amount includes the $6 million for the construction project. It also includes a step raise for teachers.