Park’s portable johns need to be emptied, cleaned


I have two grandsons who play on baseball teams at the fields by the rec center. There are two portable restrooms in the parking lot for everyone to use. I do not know who is responsible for the cleaning & sanitizing of these (it says Le Pew on the side, with a phone number). If the city of Cortez is paying them for a service, then they need to check up on this as they are not being cleaned! Inside there is a schedule to write the date of cleaning, and on May 23, the last cleaning date was May 14. They are full to the brim of solid human waste plus the urine spout is overflowing urine on the floor.

One little girl would not go in and was crying hysterically saying, “I can’t go in there.”

This is a health hazard for one thing, plus if it was in someone’s backyard the city’s sanitation department would be all over it. There is nowhere else for anyone to go. These are used by kids and adults alike. Is this the best Cortez can do?

People are up in arms about a “building “ being built in the park and ruining the “pristine park.” What do you think they would think if they saw this? The health department should have specific guidelines, rules and regulations as to how these restrooms need to be maintained for health reasons. It is disgusting, horrifying that anyone should use these. I can not believe this has not been brought to anyone’s attention and no one has taken responsibility to see these things are cleaned daily. There are games everyday, plus many people use the parks constantly. Isn’t that what we want, everyone to be able to enjoy our parks?

Sherrie Blackmer