After all that suspense ...

Doc Shores, the secret service agent, asked Ed Caviness, "Was the reason the robber asked you to hold the sack for the boodle was because you were young?"

Ed answered, "It sure might have been, but that, of course, is just a hunch."

Doc looked at Ed questioningly and asked, "And what do you mean by just a hunch."

There was shift in Ed's body and he grabbed the mop handle tighter before he said, "I don't know. It was just a feeling I had."

The sharp eyes of being a secret service agent for years kicked in and Doc said, "Let's go back to the beginning. Why did you happen to be at the station the same day and the same time the robber ended up there too?"

Ed grabbed the handle of the mop tighter and said, "It's like I told you before ..."

Doc interrupted Ed and said, "No Ed, there are just too many coincidences. You were in on this thing, weren't you?"

Ed's face paled as Doc said, "You might as well come clean, young man, and tell me all about it. It will go better for you in the long run if you do."

Ed suddenly felt weak and dropped into a chair. He coughed before saying, "I really thought this was going to be a game and never realized it was serious until Bill was making off with the money. We'd talked some about it before and it seemed like it was going to be a neat joke to pull over on Henry Sprague, who takes care of the depot."

"C'mon Ed. You can do better than that if you understand what is in store for you if you don't."

Ed folded his arms and avoided Doc's eyes.

"Well, John and I went over to where Bill lived and we cut a leg off a pair of coveralls. We drew the bottom up tight with string. That was to be the bag that would hold the boodle. Then we took a big old cap and cut holes in it for the eyes and mouth. We thought Bill Schaffer's big pistols might be known so we blackened the mounting on each one of them. The three of us came to town and hid out behind Wiley Graybeal's livery barn. John and I went to the depot and were there when the train departed. Bill waited until the train was nearly out of sight. After the robbery, he didn't ride very far but waited behind Graybeals livery barn until John and I could join him. We divided the money and John and I got $28 and Bill took the rest for being the robber. We waited there until dusk and then John and I went up town and Bill went to his place east of town."

Ed got off free for turning state's evidence and a travesty of justice occurred when the jury also set John Anderson free. For being the actual robber, Bill Schaffer was given a sentence of eight years in the state penitentiary.