Karla's Kitchen calls it quits

Dolores said goodbye to Karla's Kitchen and Bakery Saturday after two years in business.

A tough location on the outskirts of town, along with challenging economic times, forced the family-owned grill and coffee house to close its doors, said owner Karla Haley.

Known for its generous servings of hash browns and eggs, biscuits and gravy, burritos, and green and red chili, Karla's was the place for the hungry worker.

The big-hearted family hosted a traditional Thanksgiving meal that was free to the public.

Tables filled with steaming turkeys, hams, huge bowls of mash potatoes and all the fixing greeted the homeless, the lonely, and families wanting to share a meal.

The vast dining room was frequently filled with locals and travellers, visiting, lounging and reading from a complete selection of newspaper racks.

"It was a beautiful experience, but there was not quite enough support," Haley said.