Mancos Town Board to hear from Western Excelsior

The Mancos Town Board is scheduled to meet Wednesday, April 24 at a special time, 6 p.m. The board is meeting early for a special presentation from the Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency. The presentation, it was announced at the last meeting, will largely be about electronic communication.

After the presentation, board members are then expected to hear a presentation from Western Excelsior. Residents of Mancos complained at the last meeting about the plant and the dust settling on nearby cars.

The board is expected to review and approve a fee schedule through the Mancos Marshal's office. The Ordinance 662 sets fees for background checks, fingerprinting and booking photographs. It also ends the Mancos Marshal's practice of serving papers, such as divorce papers or eviction notices.

In the future, if approved, residents of Mancos will have to contact the Montezuma County Sheriff's Office Civil Division to have civil papers delivered.

Also on the agenda Wednesday, a discussion about Amendment 64, an update on the Town Administrator, who is expected to start at the end of the month, a discussion on trustee comments and an executive session, legal advice.