Thank you from the DHS 1085-ECHO Distracted Driving Team

Dear Editor:

On Monday, April 15, the Dolores High School 1085-ECHO Distracted Driving Student Leadership Team put on a presentation for the students of DHS and guests. The presentation shared the dangers of distracted driving, identified distractions in the vehicle, and addressed possible solutions to minimizing distractions in the vehicle. The Dolores High School students participated in an interactive assembly, observed a mock-accident scene, and worked in small groups to process distracted driving issues and strategies.

The DHS 1085-ECHO team would like to thank the Dolores Fire Protection and Montezuma Sheriff's Department for their integral roles in our event. We want to thank Belt Salvage for donating time and vehicles. We would also like to thank KKDC The Crow and Ray McDonnell for their assistance with the on-air Distracted Driving PSA. Thanks to Shannon Livick and the Dolores Star for covering the event and to Axis Health Systems for volunteering to be on-hand the day of the event. A special thank you goes out to the Montezuma-Cortez High School students and staff in the EMT and Drama Departments. The MCHS students assisted with make-up and acted as EMT during the mock accident portion of the presentation. This collaboration between the DHS and MCHS students made this a truly special event. The DHS 1085-ECHO Team would also like to thank all the students and staff that helped make this a great event.

The fight to end distracted driving starts with you. Remember, texting, cell phone use, applying make-up and other distractions are dangerous while driving and result in thousands of fatalities every year. Please make a commitment to drive distraction free in 2013. If you would like information on the program, please contact Brandon Thurston, Secondary Principal, Dolores Schools at or 882-7288.

Brandon Thurston

Secondary Principal