Looking for an eggnapper

The ladies at the VFW reported a wonderful Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter, with one exception - there is a eggnapper somewhere in Mancos, yet to be found.

A report given to the Mancos Town Board revealed that the eggnapper struck just before the egg hunt started for the 4-year-old group. The eggs were hid sometime after noon, and when the ladies at the VFW went to get the group of eager children, many of the eggs had been busted open and their candy and prizes had been taken out.

The incident was reported to the Mancos Marshal's office and the 4-year-old group still reportedly had a great time.

But, still! Don't take candy from children, it just isn't fair.


Nobody has claimed the reading glasses that were found at the Mancos Times. These are very nice reading glasses and in a nice case. If you think they are yours, I have dropped them off at Town Hall.


There has been so much dust in the air lately, that I am certain that if anyone wanted to make a few dollars, a window washer would do it. The pitiful rain we had last week after the dust storm, left many windows in Mancos, very, very dirty.