Oil vs. water


Take time to go online and read the March 2013 issue of National Geographic, titled, "America Strikes Oil." Then ask yourself, is this the direction in which I want to support my community, land and water in going?

The most comprehensive information made public; go to www.nationalgeographic.com click on, "The Magazine." Under "ngm.com" type in "March 2013 issue." Scroll down. Click on "March 2013 table of contents". Click on "America Strikes New Oil" Read this article, and study the photos included.

Looking beyond the paycheck, open flood gates for unlimited drilling would adversely affect all of us. Just like North Dakota, our own landscapes would be forever damaged too, as well as air and our water. What are the consequences to any agricultural space and its quality? The particulates from fracking, in any form, pose a serious, lasting negative. Ill health compromises your quality of life! Obamacare or not, would we really be willing to sacrifice our health and then pay for medical attention? See the consequences of fracking that are literally irreversible.

Freeing ourselves from dependence on the 49 percent of revenue monies paid by gas and oil might force us to have to think and become more inventive, sustainable and viable. Really, what exactly is the perception of our area we are paying to promote? Even a welcome sign at the entrance to any town isn't enough if where one is encouraged to live and spend their money is within a tiny jewel surrounded by the collateral damage of fracking!

When finished reading the article, think about what we really want to stand for here, all we could lose, and everything we have, so well worth the keeping. If your decision goes beyond the, me, me, me, more, more, more attachment to the over advertised importance of money, over the importance of Life, to buy more of what we don't need, you are beginning to see the bigger, most viable of pictures. And from that higher vantage point the most salubrious choice of direction for you, and our area, can be taken.

Sheila Wheeler