Dolores is too great for hate


Recently, there has been a lot of commentary in board meetings, letters to the editors, Albuquerque news and on social media about Dolores school district 4A administration's actions to uphold and improve the safe learning environments at our schools. We have posted all of the policies supporting our actions on the district's website along with a link to the SPIRIT curriculum provided by the U.S. Justice Department and the letter from our middle school/high school principal, Brandon Thurston, to parents, explaining events and actions prior to the winter break.

If you have questions, or concerns about the actions taken here in Dolores schools, I encourage you to read the information on our website. The short answer is, school administration has to provide the safest learning environment possible for students and staff. If that includes the banning of symbols that disrupt the educational process by igniting fear, hatred and violence, then we will do so. To end on a positive note, this public commentary has produced a conversation among students, staff, parents and community beyond the boundaries of the Dolores School District that will hopefully provide our wonderful community with a refreshed understanding and a greater acceptance of diversity. "Dolores is too great for hate!"

Scott Cooper


Dolores School District 4A

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