An update on the Cortez Cultural Center


Id like to give you and the community an update on the Cortez Cultural Center. First Id like to recognize Denis Boon (who recently resigned from our Board) for his years of service and for serving as our president during this current year. He has worked hard and contributed a lot to the Center.

Also, Id like to thank Shawn Collins for serving as our executive director during the last year and a half. She has contributed many good ideas, cultivated collaborations with other non-profits and led many successful projects. Regretfully, her employment as executive director will stop Dec. 15. Despite her considerable efforts at grant writing and the best efforts of our board members at fundraising, we are not at the present time able to continue funding her position. Lack of funds is the sole reason for her departure.

The Center is open. Pat Rauscher generously continues to serve the Center as volunteer office manager. The gift shop, operated entirely by a corps of volunteers, will be open Tuesday through Saturday under the guidance of Patsy Brown. Our board of directors will supervise and operate the Center. Scheduled events will continue during December. After our year-end inventory and facility cleaning, we will proceed with our programs and projects during 2013: the Sweetheart Ball (Feb. 5), the Harlem Ambassadors basketball event, the Birding Festival, the Pueblo to Pueblo Race, etc.

Huge thanks go to the many individuals, businesses and public entities who have generously contributed to the Center during the past 25 years. We will continue working hard to provide quality programs and events for you. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Shelby Smith, President

Cortez Cultural Center

Via email