Thank you for standing up for education


The members of the Mancos School Board wish to thank the voters of the district for the overwhelming support in passing our mill levy increase. We are proud to be a part of a district that acknowledges the central role that school plays in our community, and the importance of a good education for our kids. We are grateful that even though we are going through these strained economic times, you recognized the needs of the District and stood up for the value of education.

Our mill levy committee did an outstanding job, holding many open meetings, writing articles, going door to door, and in general raising awareness of the responsibility that we as a community have when it comes to education. The funds generated by this mill levy will help ensure that the Mancos School District can recruit and retain our highly qualified teachers and maintain our current programs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Monty Giles, President

Tim Hunter, Vice President

Beverly Humiston, Secretary

Chris Kloster, Treasurer

Wesley Rivera, Director