An electoral reward for a face-to-face campaign

Congratulations and good luck to Larry Don Suckla, who, along with Keenan Ertel, will join the Montezuma County Board of Commissioners.

They, along with incumbent commissioner Steve Chappell, have a lot of work to do. The world is changing, and Montezuma County cannot refuse to recognize that. There are issues that must be faced, regardless of who is sitting in the chairs at the commissioners’ table.The county must have a vision for its future — a vision shared by all those who live and work here — and a plan for progressing steadily toward it. Preserving the traditional values of Montezuma County does not, and cannot, mean refusing to consider new ideas. In the past, county government has been hampered by an unwillingness to do that. There are positive innovations out there that can move the county forward without undermining the good that’s already here.

Thanks to all the commission candidates, who left behind the divisiveness of the primary season to run campaigns based on local issues and relationships with local people. When the dust settles, Montezuma is still a really small county.

We encourage all three commissioners to remember that once the vote is past, everyone in the county is a constituent. Listen to them. This county is filled with talent and good ideas, and a successful county commission will capitalize on those resources.