Listening From the Heart

MEness — the new god

In my listening to others ... to myself as well ... over these 60 some years I’ve inhabited this planet, I have come to increasely recognize the growing ME—ness about. How so many of us have become consumed and perhaps obsessed with ourselves: our possessions, being right, our perceived entitlements, and our images. Although many, many things may being going well for us, with a plethora of circumstances to be grateful for, we somehow get stuck and filled with thoughts of what is wrong with our lives and the inequities in the world ... what is missing ... how others “should” behave so as to align with OUR philosophies. Our minds fill with this negative disempowering way of being ... like a picnic basket full of rotting apples with no room for the fresh apple pie we may have just baked. As our thoughts overflow with a sense of what we don’t have ... consequently a destructive fire rages on within our hearts and consciousness ... as our repeated disempowering questions continue to fan these flames. We go to bed worrying through the night; each new day searching for that once restful, rejuvenating, and near blissful sleep we once had in of our youths.

In a time when many of us so need reminders with discerning “What Is’ as it is; with differentiating what is not in our control from that which is within our ability to influence or change, there is woeful little mature guidance for us. Where are those leaders in our communities who are pure in heart and advocate balance between selflessness toward others and self preservation/expression for ourselves? Leaders who lift us up with their sincere example in nurturing, encouraging and having empathy for all. Who are our role models on how to live a life at peace within ourselves ... with others? Is there not a wave of emotional anarchy growing in our midst? As we see ourselves increasing alone in the world, have we lost our way with faith in that which is far greater than ourselves ... become blinded to God? Not, however, a God pontificated about by those who are self righteous and intolerant of views diverse from theirs. BUT a God of compassion, love and caring ... a God who does laugh with us and cry with us as well, and loves us, forgives us for our ignorance and inabilities ... ”we know not what we do”, as we are each enveloped in our own unique blankets of ignorance and shortcomings. A God who reminds us “that this too shall pass”.

Have we not increasingly become a Godless folk? I say not, for my observation is that many of us have created a new god ... we have made ourselves god ... and with this, does not isolation and despair follow? Who do we talk to when we are alone? Who do we turn to, and say “it’s in your hands”? ... ”I will accept your will and make the best of what you, God have decided must happen”. Who do we turn to, to exclaim “yes you brought the storm ...this I accept,” ...I, however, have the free will to embrace it, dance within it, and continue to love and show compassion toward all” ... With hope, possibility and harmony with all about and within me as well?

Let us cast off our god suits, dear friends, and surrender to a much higher power than ourselves... and do what we can, within those boundaries and constraints, to bring peace and harmony to ourselves and to those we touch. Is it time to change the questions we ask ourselves to those focused on what we CAN do? Is it time for you, for myself as well, to pray,to surrender to a higher power and focus on gratitude with what we have and the contribution that we can provide for one another? Is it time to kneel and bring God back into our lives?

Michael Starr is the owner of Executive Coaching Services. He can be reached at or by calling 501-908-2298.