Increasingly putrified political propaganda


Once again the spectacle of politicians vying for the office of President of the United States has turned into a three-ring circus for the voters to decide who has the best act. The current political system devolves on the antics of political parties. In theory, it should stand for the precepts of government that it was intended to preserve: liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness of “we the people.”

Politicians and political parties that are now overtly funded by contributors obviously have lost sight of the intended purpose of the legitimate process of governance.

The fact that the process of simple governance has degenerated into a perverse political contest of power is a deplorable example that is now considered the norm.

Considering that there is no Department of Truth in Politics, the result is the use of unprincipled politics, why is the political system of a democracy that gives voters two choices of presidential rule, of the Democrat Obamaian version of rule or the Republican Romnian version of rule?

The obvious discrepancy that stands out is that the United States was never a democracy; it is a republic.

The Constitution is a remarkably brief document that does not give government or politicians power. The purpose of authority in the Constitution is clearly stated.

Voters cannot become resigned to the fact that the political system that enunciates the constitutional right to vote and then makes the voters regret their choice, and seems like sheer mockery, is something that voters are not stuck with if voters began to use their common sense and refute the increasingly putrified political propaganda (lies).

What is the concept of the Constitution is a question that presidential candidates should be asked and have to abide by because the Constitution is based on an honor system.

If this was the standard, then Romney would already be disqualified because his business practices are at least unethical and the amounts of money involved are not commensurate with an honest day’s work in any capacity.

Gordon Black