Submit questions for Cortez Journal/KSJD Election Project

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KSJD and the Cortez Journal are partnering to provide more opportunities for readers and listeners to learn about the Republican candidates for Montezuma County commissioner and district attorney for the 22nd Judicial District.

During the week of June 4-8, KSJD will air interviews with all the primary candidates (unaffiliated candidates will be interviewed prior to the November election). The Journal will publish coverage of those interviews, supplemented by additional questions and analysis, and will provide an online link to the interviews.

The following week, members of the public can ask questions of their own during live Q&A sessions with the candidates.

As part of the planning that project, the radio station and the newspaper want to hear from the public. What questions do you have for the candidates? What do you want to know that they havenít already told you? What issues are important to you?

Questions may be submitted by e-mail to KSJD is also soliciting listener input. All questions submitted will be considered in planning the Cortez Journal/KSJD Election Coverage project; emphasis will be placed on those designed to gather information not previously discussed at length.