Furse is a politician, not a prosecutor


It’s not surprising that a career defense attorney, like Rae Dreves, would write a letter in support of candidate Will Furse for district attorney. From a defense perspective, what better person to have as your adversary than a former defense attorney who has never been a prosecutor one day in his life. Attorney Dreves suggests we “restore the integrity of the District Attorney’s Office.” Where is the integrity in a candidate who has had a felony drug arrest, was convicted of a misdemeanor, and sentenced to 18 days of jail? Where is the integrity in Mr. Furse becoming a Republican less than a year ago, and who filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Republican District Attorney candidate in Durango that forced the candidate to attend a court hearing in Denver, rather than campaigning, and then went on vacation when the court hearing occurred? Where is the integrity in Mr. Furse, who recently said in open court during a sentencing of his client, who was convicted of selling methamphetamine, that he didn’t believe it was fair to give a felony conviction to someone who was selling a small amount of methamphetamine? Does that sound like someone who will protect your community from drug dealers? Mr. Furse isn’t a prosecutor, he is a politician.

It is in the best interests of defense attorneys to have a weak district attorney like candidate Furse, so they can take advantage of his complete lack of any experience as a prosecuting attorney and manipulate him into accepting favorable plea agreements for defense attorney’s clients. But, it is in the best interest of our community to have a weak district attorney? I do not think so.

Just for the record, in a year and a half, District Attorney Wasley has successfully prosecuted and secured convictions for eight major felonies.

Pat Grant

Carolyn Lucas


Via CortezJournal.com