Lakeside Lanes bowling results

Lakeside Lanes posted more great bowling statistics.

Mixed league results for Twilighters for April 4, list The Plumbing Store taking team highs for handicap game/series (852/2,404). JB Hargrove rolled a 229 high scratch game, Joe Stevens took the high hcp game (245) and Daniel Schuster had a nice scratch/hcp series (612/651). Arlene Curtis took the scratch series for the women (539), Sarah Bedker took hcp series (636), while Tami Lange took the high scratch/hcp games (201/232).

The Oddballs mixed league posted Lazy D & R Ranch taking team high hcp game/series (868/2,430). Dennis Wojociechowski posted the high scratch game (219), Randy Avon rolled a 591 scratch series and Bill Cady took the hcp game/series (260/644) for the men. Paula Luthi scored a 518 scratch series, Cheryl Baker took the hcp series with 633 and Regina Wojociecowski took the scratch/hcp games with 204/237 for the women.

Monday night’s Powder Puff Women’s League posted Lotsa Pasta taking team honors with high hcp game/series (864/2,419). Teammate Julie Nadolske bowled the high hcp game (240). Mary Fosnot rolled a nice 627 hcp series and Lindy Rucker rolled 224/591 for scratch game/series for the week of April 11.

Tuesday afternoon Ladies League posted the Blonde Bombshells taking team high hcp series (1,744), while Pippo’s posted the high hcp game (601). Kim Alexander took all four top spots for the week of April 12. She rolled the high scratch/hcp game and scratch/hcp series (192/236/470/602).

Tuesday’s Petroleum League for April 12, saw Lakeside Lanes with the team high hcp game (995) and Cortez Locksmith with team high hcp series (2,831). Billy Branson rolled a 260 high scratch game, while Daniel Schuster posted the high hcp game/scratch and hcp series (261/634/688).

Wednesday morning’s Coffee League for April 6, listed Angel’s End Zone with the high hcp game (636) and Stanley Electric with high hcp series (1,719). Velma Autrey scored the high hcp series (506) and Vonnie Rule took the high scratch game/series and hcp games (212/529/237).

Lakeside Lanes is now taking open enrollment for summer leagues with a variety of game formats.

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