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Mark Jaffe

Heat pumps are having a moment in Colorado, but do they really work in the bitter cold?

Developed in 1857, tech improvements are making heat pumps a viable element in the contemporary transition to cleaner, more energy efficient homes

Colorado regulators out of patience with oil well cleanup

K.P. Kauffman Co. says it will be in better financial condition if it sells northeastern Colorado wells to a company proposing to use them for a carbon capture project

Tri-State is set to lose 25% of revenue as customers flee

Energy supplier adjusting as rural co-ops look to self-generate or purchase electricity on own terms

First comprehensive oil and gas drilling plan under Colorado’s new regulations gets go-ahead

24,000-acre Bronco CAP sets plan to drill 209 wells over 6 years

‘It’s our new cash crop’: A land rush for renewable energy is transforming the Eastern Plains

A race to meet Colorado climate goals has led to a flurry of wind and solar activity

United Power makes good on threat to break its contract with Tri-State Generation

With 103,000 customers, United Power accounts for 20% of Tri-State’s business

Colorado regulators move forward with controversial rule to slash gas emissions

Nation’s first ‘intensity target’ regulation moves on to full hearing in December

How much damage does climate change cause in Colorado?

There are growing efforts to determine the social cost of carbon

Tri-State cutting greenhouse gases by adding wind and solar generation

Colorado’s second-largest electricity provider on par for carbon dioxide reduction

Garfield County spending $1.5M to challenge Colorado’s oil and gas regulations

County spends big to fight regulations that could harm local economy