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Caitlyn Kim

Staffing shortages and lack of space contributing to postal problems in Colorado mountain towns

A U.S. Postal Service Inspector General report confirmed what many residents in Colorado mountain towns already know: service in the high country is slower compared to the rest of the state ...

Colorado lawmakers support bill to protect Air National Guard fighter squadrons

Colorado lawmakers are part of a bipartisan effort to protect the nation’s Air National Guard fighter squadrons. This spring, six house members, including Democratic Rep. Jason Crow and Repu...

President Joe Biden to visit Colorado on Monday, spotlighting clean energy investments

President Joe Biden will be in Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s backyard on Monday to spotlight clean energy investments made by his administration. The Investing in America tour is expected...

Colorado’s Republican Congress members are not all on board with Steve Scalise for House Speaker

Colorado House Republicans did not unite around their caucus's nominee for speaker, Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise during a closed door caucus meeting Wednesday afternoon. Scalise won a secret...

Marijuana banking bill advances in the Senate

The U.S. Senate banking committee has advanced a bill to allow legal cannabis companies access to financial services. The Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation Banking bill, known as SAFER,...

When it comes to how old is too old for Congress, Colorado’s lawmakers believe voters should be the judge

The Founding Fathers set a minimum age for when people are allowed to run for federal office, but when it comes to the issue of a maximum age limit, they were mum. It’s an issue that has com...

As shutdown looms, Colorado’s members of Congress wonder whether there’s a way out

With just over two weeks left before the government runs out of money, Congress is no closer to an agreement to avoid a government shutdown. The Senate has made some headway, opening debate ...

11 years after creation of DACA, Congress trying again to give ‘Dreamers’ more legal certainty

Bipartisan group of lawmakers announce reintroduction of the American dream and Promise Act

Colorado’s Ken Buck wants to keep AI tech away from nation’s nuclear decisions

A number of bills have been introduced to deal with emerging technology

Rep. Brittany Pettersen’s first bill aims to bring more resources to fight against fentanyl

Congresswoman’s effort is fueled by personal background

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s bill to delist gray wolves from the Endangered Species Act gets its first hearing

U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the agency that lists and delists animal species, testified against the bill

Former Rep. Pat Schroeder dies at 82

Coloradans and people elsewhere are remembering the trailblazer who paved the way for women's rights in national and local politics