Convicted sexual predator released

Man to live in Riverview area neighborhood

The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office is advising the public that a man convicted of attempting to sexually assault a child has been released from prison to live in Durango.

William Vollert, 22, was convicted of the charge in December 2008 in La Plata County, according to the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

A psychological evaluation determined him to be a sexually violent predator, which means authorities must notify residents of his whereabouts upon release.

Vollert was released Jan. 17, said Patrick Beyer, with the Sheriff’s Office.

According to an online database, Vollert is living at 10 Rio Vista Circle, near East Fourth Avenue and 29th Street.

If he ever moves, he must inform authorities of his new address. He must register as a sex offender every three months.

He last registered on March 11, 2011. He violated his parole and was arrested June 11, 2011, and sent back to prison to finish the remainder of his sentence.

La Plata County has three registered “sexually violent predators” and 146 registered sex offenders. There are 15,702 registered sex offenders in Colorado.

Retaliation against sexual-assault offenders is illegal, Beyer said in the release. Harassing a sexual-assault offender can force the offender underground, make him stop registering as a sex offender and make it harder for authorities to track the person’s progress, he said.

“It is better if authorities can monitor the offenders and help ensure they comply with the registration laws and/or treatment,” Beyer wrote in the release.

Anyone seeking additional information can call Beyer at 382-7069.

An earlier version of this story gave incorrect information for the number of registered sex offenders living in La Plata County. Incorrect information was given to the Herald.