Officials act like Ridges Basin is a surprise

Back in 2006, trucks rolled into Ridges Basin and closed off County Road 211. They built a big dam in the basin. They proceeded to fill the basin in with water. Then someone said, “County Road 211 is closed? Gee, maybe we should build an alternate route.”

In September 2010, County Road 210 was opened, several years after County Road 211 was closed. Then it was like someone said, “Guess what? There is a big reservoir just south of town! What should we do with it? Should we let motorboats in there? Or just canoes? Who is supposed to be policing that area?” They are still trying to come up with answers to those basic questions.

It amazes me that a reservoir like this can be built with zero planning. It seems like every step was performed as an afterthought. The work crews did a great job. They built a reservoir, roads, parking lots, restrooms plus a rest area and lookout off County Road 210. These are all finished but the public can’t use any of them because the government officials are apparently surprised by the sudden appearance of a reservoir close to town. You would almost think the work crews took it upon themselves to build this lake and park.

Back in 2006, did the government officials know bulldozers were building a dam in Ridges Basin? Did they know why? Of course they did! So why is the completed project such a surprise?

Dave Norman