The real candidates

The lap-dog media can't censor, filter or spin the debate performance.

The first presidential debate was an eye-opener, especially for the incumbent and his ardent supporters. The morning after being outclassed on every level by his opponent, the president told adoring crowds that wasn't the real Mitt Romney on stage last night. Sixty-seven per cent of viewers agreed. That was not the Mitt Romney that Obama and his character assassins portrayed in their $100 million-plus slur campaign.

To many of his admirers, that wasn't the real Barack Obama on stage either.

When given only cursory inspection, one diamond looks pretty much like any other. But, when put under a scope, something political junkies call vetting, even an untrained eye will see flaws. The president – who should possess a firm grasp of issues by virtue of his job description and oath of office displayed shallowness, detachment from issues, and inability to articulate policy or rebuttals beyond muttering and repeating baseless sound bites. The moderator, who unfairly gave Obama six minutes more speaking time than Romney, even resorted to coaching the intimidated president when he struggled through the fog of debate. Obama showed he's not a hands-on president; he outsources that to his czars while endlessly campaigning and showing off his many, pandering dialects.

Yes, that was the real Mitt Romney and that was the real Barack Obama. The lap-dog media can't censor, filter or spin either's performance. One demonstrated undeniable class, charm, intellect, subject matter knowledge, and confidence that erased any questions why he's been so successful. The other demonstrated an ineptitude going toe-to-toe with an opponent he underestimated and constantly bashed, and a demeanor suggesting he's so superior; he just has to show up. It was class vs. crass. And class won the day.

Celebrities do well in the world of fantasy, but we don't need a celebrity in the oval office. We need a consummate, savvy professional at the helm to right the ship-of-state. The president promised Camelot but delivered Divide-alot. Romney defined Romney, Obama defined Obama.

Next: Rounds 2-4. Will Biden call in sick? Is MIT secretly developing a bionic teleprompter? Can Bill Clinton impersonate Obama? Can't wait.

A Boston native, Ed Andersson relocated to Durango 12 years ago. He is a pioneer in the field of bar code technology, a Marine Corps veteran and broker and co-owner of RE/MAX Pinnacle in Durango.

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