Nothing's perfect, so let's be practical

The expectation of perfection is what gets us into trouble.

I was . . . what? . . . intrigued? Excited? Impressed? with the move made by the City Council of Highland Utah, which passed an ordinance allowing deer hunting within the city limits. The move was in response to “a bumper crop of deer.” Sound familiar?

Having the city overrun by deer should sound familiar. City Council doing something so practical as allowing limited forms of deer hunting to solve the problem is not so familiar. As I longed for a solution to the herds of (3 to 5) deer that graze in my back yard, I dismissed as impossible a practical solution. Durango is not much into practical.

That was painfully obvious in the recent turn of events prompted by the proposal to ban chemicals for weed and pest control on city property. While careful consideration of the impact of the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides is essential to the well-being of the community, an all-out ban was impractical, to say the least. The council countered with a fairly practical and reasonable response of commissioning a study of the matter. Clearly, the intent was to avoid a potentially nasty and costly ballot process, and it worked.

I was sorry to see the cynical response of the Herald and other community leaders that the council had caved under the pressure of a radical group with a wildly impractical proposal. Sadly, the cynics were probably right. Common sense should be enough. But then, this is Durango. Don't even get me started on plastic bags.

We all love Durango. It is pretty near perfect. But it is that expectation of being perfect that gets us into trouble. Nothing is perfect. So let's be practical.

Do we want to continue the current level of city services? Both essentials and amenities? If your answer is “yes,” you should be willing to vote “yes” on the LPEA franchise fee. If your answer is “yes,” you should be willing to support higher parking meter rates. If your answer is “no,” tell your favorite city councilor what it is you would like to have cut out of the budget. It's that time of year. You've probably marked your calendar for the city's budget hearings. See you there!

Sidny Zink is a CPA and former Durango city councilor and mayor. Reach her at

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