Party of Pinocchios

Prime-time comedy at its finest

Who needs prime-time comedy shows when we have the Democratic National Convention? The Pinocchio Party was never funnier than their prime time performance last week in Charlotte.

Forget Philadelphia football fans tossing snowballs at Santa Claus! The DNC topped that: They booed God! They used to be for God before they weren't, but now they are again. You can't make this stuff up.

When asked who removed God and Jerusalem from the party platform, no one seemed to know. One Pinocchio said it was a technical correction. Others scratched their heads. Are there phantom operatives within this administration? Bad things always seem to happen, but no one ever knows who did it. Fast and Furious? Don't know. Security leaks? Don't know. Where did all the stimulus money go? Don't know. Who eliminated God? Don't know.

Roberts Rules got a new twist, too. The DNC's procedure for polling delegates about fixing the official Democratic Party Platform was particularly funny.

The chair, even after three gallant attempts, couldn't get two-thirds approval, so he just declared victory and moved on. Lots of boos erupted from the anti-God delegates, a shining display of their vision for America.

Just let the Democrats talk. Clinton's great at that, taking 40 minutes to endorse and defend the president while headlines of Clinton's accomplishments flashed on the big screen. LOL. His message: Gee, the poor president didn't realize how bad things really were when he made all those lofty campaign promises in 2008. Not even big Bill or FDR could've turned things around in four years (history agrees). Even all the president's expert economists (most of whom have since fled the coop), failed to see how bad things were. Really?

One year after spending nearly a trillion bucks, the president said if he didn't get the job done in the remaining three years, he should get the boot. I agree.

The Democrats in prime time were entertaining: Clinton, Biden, Wasserman-Shultz, Maryland's governor and the DNC gaff squad. Move over NFL. Question: Will Clinton stand-in for Obama during the presidential debates? Can't wait.

A Boston native, Ed Andersson relocated to Durango 12 years ago. He is a pioneer in the field of bar code technology, a Marine Corps veteran and broker and co-owner of RE/MAX Pinnacle in Durango.

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