Sheriff’s blotter

Saturday, Nov. 195:56 p.m.: A deputy received an email from a woman that contained a photo of a neighbor’s dog on her property. It was the sixth photo of the dogs that he had received, and he planned to cite the neighbor for uncontrolled dogs.

Monday, Nov. 216:22 p.m.: A search team located a woman who was reported missing from a residence in the 11000 block of County Road 20 after she went outside to locate horses that had escaped their quarters. A man who had gone out into a storm to search for her also was located. The woman was found wet and cold, but refused medical attention.

Tuesday, Nov. 223:50 a.m.: A report of a stolen cell phone at the Ute Mountain Casino led to two arrests. Cortez police detained a man at a Cortez apartment on suspicion of stealing the phone, and a woman at the casino who had been seen with the theft suspect was arrested on suspicion of possessing meth.

7:21 p.m.: A man who was being sought on three warrants was arrested after he was found hiding on a closet shelf at a residence in the 17600 block of County Road 27. A search of the closet produced substances that tested positive for heroin, meth and cocaine. The man also is suspected of felony charges of distributing and possessing controlled substances. The following day, Monday, Nov. 23, the man was served another warrant while in jail.

Wednesday, Nov. 236:18 p.m.: A woman was served two warrants after she turned herself in at the Montezuma County jail, 730 E. Driscoll St.

9:23 p.m.: A man was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse and third-degree assault at a residence in the 14500 block of Road 35.9 in Mancos. According to a deputy’s report, the man and his longtime girlfriend had been fighting and arguing since morning, breaking dishes and throwing food and clothes outside. Accused of smashing a beer can on the woman’s head, he reportedly said, “That wasn’t today.”

11 p.m.: A man was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault after fighting with his uncle at a residence in the 5600 block of U.S. 160. His uncle was treated at Southwest Memorial Hospital for facial injuries.

Thursday, Nov. 243:30 p.m.: A woman declined to press charges against a relative whose dog bit her 6-year-old son in the face at a residence in the 18500 block of Colorado 145. The boy was treated at Southwest Memorial Hospital, and the dog’s owner was ordered to quarantine the dog for 10 days to look for signs of rabies.

6 p.m.: A woman reported that her 50 hydrocodone pills were missing from her backpack after she spent a night at a neighbor’s house, in the 300 block of North 15th St. in Dolores.

6:48 p.m.: A boy was treated at Southwest Memorial Hospital for a badly bruised hand after he and his adult brother crashed an ATV into one of four horses that were in the roadway, in the 16000 block of County Road 25 in Dolores.

Friday, Nov. 259:36 p.m.: A man was served with a summons for DUI and speeding after he was pulled over near County Roads C.6 and 21.

3:01 a.m.: A woman was served a summons for DUI and weaving after she was pulled over in the 2000 block of County Road 21.