Kids to Watch: 4-H’ers who hope to stand out at fair

Between July 26 and Aug. 2, 4-H club members will display projects at the Montezuma County Fair.

While some projects will focus on the production of market livestock, others will involve cake decorating, sewing, or some other project altogether.

In all, the vast majority of 249 local 4-H club members will participate in this year’s fair, representing one of eight clubs in the area.

Below are short profiles of individuals from the area who are taking part in the fair.

Emily Martin

Age: 15

Parents: Kim and Bruce Martin

4-H Club: Battle Rock

Years in 4-H: 8

Activities: Rabbits, Ceramics, Goats, Dogs

Bio: A talented artist who takes care of numerous animals, 15-year-old Emily Martin is the epitome of a 4-H club member.

Representing Battle Rock 4-H Club, Martin will show rabbits, goats and dogs at this year’s fair. Martin will also display a ceramics project.

Asked about her favorite aspects of 4-H, Martin mentioned community service opportunities that her club presents.

Martin said that she hoped to place well and enjoy the overall fair experience.

“I’d like to do well with the rabbits I’ve produced,” said Martin.

Kyle Cox

Age: 18

Parents: Rodney and Ronda Cox

4-H Club: Bunnies + More

Years in 4-H: 8

Activity: Market Sheep

Bio: One of the faces of 4-H in the Mancos area, 18-year-old Kyle Cox has been a fixture at the Montezuma County Fair for years.

Currently participating in his ninth year of 4-H, Cox will show market sheep this year.

Cox said that he spends about four hours each day preparing his sheep for the fair.

Asked what he enjoys most about 4-H, Cox said that the social aspects of club participation will always stand out.

“I’ll always remember the connections that you make and the people that you meet,” said Cox.

Cox said that he hopes to place well while setting a solid example for others.

Anna Lawrence

Age: 9

Parents: Jay and JenniLynn Lawrence

4-H Club: Alpaca

Years in 4-H: 2

Activities: Chickens, Horses, Weaving, Sewing

Bio: Blessed with impressive weaving skills and a knack for caring for animals, 9-year-old Anna Lawrence appears to be an up-and-coming 4-H’er.

Currently a second-year member of the Alpaca 4-H Club, Lawrence will show chickens, a horse, a weaving project and a sewing project this year.

Lawrence said 4-H has already taught her valuable lessons that she hopes will serve her well in the future.

Lawrence said that she would like to win a Grand Champion Distinction.

“I’d like to win Grand Champion with my horse, Fudgey,” she said.

Melissa McKinney

Age: 18

Parents: Virginia and Jetson McKinney

Club: Kalvin’s Kids

Years in 4-H: 11

Activities: Western Swing Dance, Dog Obedience, Cake Decorating, Leather Craft

Bio: In terms of years of experience, few 4-H club members in the area can match Melissa McKinney.

The president of the Kalvin’s Kid’s 4-H Club, McKinney is wrapping up her 11th year in 4-H.

Asked what she has learned while participating in 4-H, McKinney cited leadership and people skills.

Competing in Western Swing Dance, Dog Obedience, Cake Decorating and Leather Craft this year, McKinney will be busy, yet plans to relish the experience.

“It’s my last year competing in Dog and Swing Dance,” said McKinney. “This year, I just want to do the best that I can for my last year.”

Nichole Kibel

Age: 16

Parents: Laci and Chad Kibel

Club: Roundup

Years in 4-H: 9

Activities: Market Sheep, Clothing Construction

Bio: Nichole Kibel enjoys participating in a variety of projects.

At this year’s fair, Kibel will show in Market Sheep, present a Clothing Construction project and model clothes that she has created.

A member of the Roundup 4-H Club, Kibel hopes to set an example for young 4-H members.

Kibel said that she hopes to place well.

“This year, I’d like to get Grand or Reserved Grand Champion in Showmanship or Market,” said Kibel.

KaLeena Ramsey

Age: 15

Parents: Melissa and Allen Hackett

Club: Alpaca

Years in 4-H: 4

Activities: Dog Obedience, Market Goose, Archery

Bio: Dolores area resident KaLeena Ramsey takes pride in displaying high-quality projects at the Montezuma County Fair.

At this year’s fair, Ramsey will participate in Dog Obedience, present a Market Goose and compete in Archery.

Asked what she enjoys about participating in 4-H, Ramsey said meeting people and learning skills.

She said that she hopes to perform well in the Archery competition and impress fair attendees with her animals.

“I want to do the best that I can and have fun while I’m doing it,” said Ramsey.

LuCretia Gray

Age: 16

Parents: Corinna and Rodney Gray

Club: Battle Rock

Years in 4-H: 10

Activities: Weaving, Quilting, Ceramics, Dog Obedience, Market Sheep, Market Goats

Bio: Of the 4-H club members participating in this year’s fair, few will be busier than 16-year-old LuCretia Gray.

A 10-year member of the Battle Rock 4-H Club, Gray will show a sheep, dog and goat, while also displaying a weaving project, quilting project and ceramics project.

Discussing what allows her to balance her busy schedule, Gray said the lessons she has learned in 4-H come in handy every day.

“4-H teaches you to keep records and you learn how to do things right away,” said Gray.

She said she would like to sell one of her goats and earn at least a reserve grand champion award for her weaving project.