Sanitation cuts Re-1 sewer rates

Board also agrees to reconsider rates for 150 commercial users

The Cortez Sanitation District approved a measure to reduce sewer rates charged to local schools by approximately $12,000 annually.

Last December, Montezuma-Cortez School Superintendent Alex Carter implored CSD board members to freeze sewer rates as a gesture of good will towards the community. The board refused, and starting Jan. 1, the rates doubled.

Last month, three new CSD board members were elected, so Carter again requested that Re-1 sewer rates be based on enrollment figures rather than student capacity. The request was granted at the CSD’s meeting on Monday, June 9.

In other action Monday, the CSD agreed to take approximately 150 commercial customers rates under advisement. The businesses under review have seen their rates increase by more than 100 percent since the start of the year.

New CSD president Ryan Griglak said the board would work to provide relief to impacted businesses, but cautioned that all rates couldn’t be changed in the middle of the district’s fiscal year.