Sheriff’s blotter

April 1

6:49 p.m.: Deputies responded to a disturbance in progress involving a non-juvenile suspect, who reportedly was destroying his parents’ home. Before deputies arrived, the suspect had gone outside and began smashing things. The parents locked themselves in their room at the direction of the dispatcher. Upon arrival, the suspect put his hands in the air and told deputies he would go wherever they wanted him to. The suspect was handcuffed, and taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

April 1

9:23 a.m.: A deputy responded to a home regarding domestic violence between four people. When the deputy arrived, the reporting person said her husband attacked her ex-husband and was breaking things in their home. Upon arrival, the ex-husband had a laceration on the back of his head that was bleeding. He said he was attacked by the current husband and hit in the head by his ex-wife. The argument started when his current wife and ex-wife had planned on going to town together, and he felt he had been disrespected by the two women. The ex-husband attempted to calm the situation when the fight started. After the deputy completed the investigation, the husband, Thomas Smith, was arrested and charged with third degree assault, harassment and domestic violence.

April 1

2:31 a.m.: A woman who claimed she had been kidnapped and was being held against her will. Dispatch told the deputy she was at a residence located at CR G. Upn arrival, deputies observed a female walking toward their patrol car. The female told deputies she had been kidnapped, she didn’t feel safe and she wanted to leave. The female homeowner and a male friend said they allowed the female to stay the previous evening. The following morning the female was taken to Cortez, but she returned to the residence. That night she demanded a ride back to Cortez. The homeowner told her to go to bed and she would take her to Cortez in the morning. The homeowner went to bed and the female took her personnel belongings outside and was acting hysterically. The female slashed the tires of the homeowner’s vehicle, broke two windows out of the house and threw food around in the kitchen. The complaining female, who was in the back of a patrol vehicle, said she was bi-polar. She also said she had been held her against her will and she wanted to leave. The complaining female then said she had been raped several times. The deputy saw no physical injury on the complainant.

ing female he would take her to the hospital to be checked by medical personnel. As the deputy was transporting the complainant to Southwest Memorial, she said the homeowner was responsible for killing her mother when she was 13 years old. She also said she had been kidnapped by the homeowner and held against her will. It has taken her this many years to find out who was responsible for killing her mother. She also told the deputy the homeowner is responsible for killing several other people over the years. Once inside the emergency room, the female became verbally aggressive and insulting to the hospital staff, refusing to answer questions and refusing medical treatment. Due to the bizarre behavior of the female, the doctor called Axis Mental Health for an evaluation. The female was left at the hospital. The deputy wrote a summons to the female for criminal mischief.

March 31

11:46 a.m.: Dispatch requested a deputy to contact a man regarding an ongoing trespass occurring at his house. The man said his neighbor has been trespassing on his property for several months. The neighbor built a trail from his property across the reporting person’s property while they were not home. He said he spoke to the neighbor about the trail and they came to an agreement that the neighbor could use the trail on his property but only when he and his wife weren’t home, in order to respect their privacy. The first trespass occurred last September. His wife was at home with her car in plain sight. At that time, he told his neighbor that he was no longer to come on to his property. The neighbor has continued to trespass onto his property. He showed the deputy several instances where the neighbor acknowledged that he was trespassing. The investigation is ongoing.