Rims to Ruins art sale will benefit Mesa Verde

Artist Veryl Goodnight has captured wild horses, a raven and a mountain lion in three separate paintings inspired by recent observations at Mesa Verde National Park.

In "Cedar Shade," Goodnight painted a mare named Ghost and the black stallion she runs with between Far View and Chapin Mesa; in "The Discover," she brushed a raven discovering a broken pot near a burned log onto canvas; and "The Overlook," features a mountain lion at day break on the Geologic Overlook.

"All of the paintings focus on the natural world of Mesa Verde," she said.

Starting as a painter early in her career, Goodnight took up sculpturing as a means to better understand anatomy. Creating statues eventually dominated her career for nearly four decades, but since April, she's returned to her roots, solely focusing on canvasses and brush strokes.

"I'm pretty excited to be painting again," said the Mancos Valley resident. "I can do a lot more complex work through painting."

Goodnight was one of more than two-dozen nationally recognized artists who gathered at Mesa Verde in May. Each artist painted for several days to create two or three original artworks for a park fundraising event next month in Denver.

Most of the painters, including Goodnight, are slated to converge at the Denver Public Library on Oct. 22, for the Rims to Ruins fine-art sale and show benefiting the Mesa Verde Foundation. Goodnight serves as an adviser to the Mesa Verde Foundation board, and was instrumental in organizing the Rims to Ruins event.

"These top American Western artists painted among the ancient ruins and dramatic landscape of Mesa Verde National Park," said Ben Duke, executive director of the Mesa Verde Foundation. "Created with oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors, they each captured the spirit and history of this World Heritage Site."

Patrons can view and purchase the paintings of the magic and grandeur of the park during a special opening reception and sale from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Oct. 22 at the Vida Ellison Gallery at the Denver Public Library. The artwork will be on display and for sale through Nov. 3.

At the opening, visitors have the rare opportunity to meet many of the artists.

A $75 registration fee is required to attend the opening and sale.

For additional information, call (303) 321-3120 or email info@mesaverdefoundation.org.