School hosts Twin Topics Series

To better engage the community, school officials plan to launch what they are calling a "Twin Topics Series" starting on Thursday.

Montezuma-Cortez Re-1 School District Superintendent Alex Carter described the event as a relaxed, informal atmosphere that enables community members to not only get an inside look into the district's accomplishments, but also an opportunity for the community to drive the district's future goals.

"The vision is for this to be an interactive meeting where the audience is engaged and participatory," Carter said. "We want to help facilitate an honest, authentic conversation about important topics that affect our school district's present and future."

The first Twin Topics meeting is held Thursday starting at 5 p.m. at the Cortez Middle School. The topics to be addressed include student participation in the district's music program along with student wellness through physical education, health and school lunches.

Each topic will be explored for 30 minutes, which includes an introduction from staff followed by an open conversation where the audience can ask questions or voice concerns. A 15-minute intermission, complete with refreshments and entertainment, separates each topic.

"We want to broaden our community outreach and interaction between the district leadership, the school board, school leaders and the overall school community," Carter said.

Following both sessions, Carter said the audience would help decide which issues would be discussed at future Twin Topics Series events.

Following Thursday's meeting, the next Twin Topics Series is scheduled for Oct. 10 at Kemper Elementary. The Twin Topics Series is slated to progress throughout the school year at different school locations in November, January, February and April.