Town seeks opinions about commercial development

Survey not just about Family Dollar

Mancos officials have initiated a 12-question online survey to collect the community's thoughts on future commercial development.

"We're hoping to get a better idea of what citizens want," said Mancos Town Administrator Andrea Phillips. "We're looking for their opinions."

Phillips said the survey specifically seeks the public's thoughts on all future commercial development of medium and big box businesses.

"The survey isn't targeted just for Family Dollar," she said.

Survey questions include whether or not residents favor or oppose commercial ventures, possible pros and cons of such businesses, zoning restrictions, and the length of time people have called Mancos home. Available via a link at, the deadline to respond to the survey is July 19.

In April, Mancos residents voiced their concerns of allowing a Family Dollar chain store to invade their town, prompting town officials to place a six-month moratorium on commercial businesses more than 5,000 square feet.

Opponents of the business worried that a discount retailer would dilute both Mancos' support for local businesses and its cherished Western heritage charm. Proponents argue the town needs a place to purchase basic necessities, which would generate more revenues for town coffers.

Based in Utah, T & N Properties is a regional developer for Family Dollar. The firm had scheduled an open house last month to share information, present site plans and artist renderings and answer any questions from community members, but the event was cancelled at the last minute.

"We have not heard back from the developers about rescheduling an open house," Phillips said.

The proposed Family Dollar Store site is located at the northwest intersection of U.S. highways 160 and 184.