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Thursday, April 11

An unlocked residence on Mule Team Drive was enough of an invitation for a wanderer to enter and then proceed to pass out on the living room floor. When the resident noticed the sleeping sot, she woke him up and asked what he was doing. He told her he was Kevin from Grand Junction, and being a gracious albeit startled host, the woman allowed him to sleep on the couch because it was cold out. The next morning, the man was gone, and police were responding to a neighbor who had a camper that had been broken into. Its contents were strewn about the ground but nothing appeared to be missing.

Friday, April 12

A juvenile playing in his yard at the Oak Meadows Trailer Park was bitten in the hand by a three-month old pit bull and then chased. The boy had tried to retrieve a shoe the puppy had run off with. When the mother tried to stop the commotion, the dog tried to bite her but stopped. The dog had the appropriate vaccinations and was to be confined for 10 days.

Saturday, April 13

Police responded to a domestic violence incident on Ash Street and arrested a man a short time later for second degree assault, domestic violence, two counts of harassment and a violation of a protection order. Two women were visiting at the residence when the suspect banged on the door, entered the home and pushed a woman, ordering her to leave. He then reportedly smashed the window of a car and fled the scene. Another woman at the residence reported ongoing domestic abuse by the man, and was observed to have lacerations on her hand, a missing tooth, possible broken ribs, and bruising and swelling around her left eye. The suspect was apprehended nearby and taken into custody.

Sunday, April 14

Police responded to a domestic violence incident on East Arbecam Avenue after a resident called police to report a neighbor had arrived and reported her husband had beaten her up. The woman explained to the officer that her husband became angry after she reminded him during a group drinking game that he had slept with one of his relatives. The incestuous allegation triggered the reported assault by the husband, causing injuries to the woman requiring hospitalization. He was arrested a short time later for domestic violence, third degree assault, protection order violation for consuming alcohol, and child abuse because children were present.

Monday, April 15

Police responded to a counterfeit $5 bill discovered in a deposit of donation money made by a community organization. Police investigators noted the bill did not pass the money-marker pen test and had no security strips. Also, there was not a holographic image of President Lincoln. The fake bill had a serial number of JL65039047C, and was to turned over to the Secret Service.

Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office

Saturday, April 13

A man who said he had two beers at the Dolores River Brewery decided he could safely pilot his vehicle home but found he could not after swerving on County Road 30, overcorrecting and rolling his Jeep onto its side. Fortunately, a sheriff deputy came upon the scene as the man was attempting to exit the vehicle. He refused medical help and was arrested for DUI and Careless Driving.

Saturday, April 13

A turkey hunter sleuthing about near Forest Road 390 came upon an abandoned truck on a steep embankment 3/4 of mile from the road. The vehicle’s air-bag had been deployed, it had a crumpled front end, and the key was still in the ignition. Upon further investigation, deputies discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Thornton, Colo. False plates were on the vehicle and the original plates were found in the truck bed. It was towed to the MCSO impound lot.

Thursday, April 18

After drinking at Blondie’s Pub in Cortez with a girlfriend, a man without a valid license attempted to drive home but crashed his Jeep into a horse trailer, taking out an irrigation line along the way, at a ranch on County Road 25. Assisted by the Colorado State Patrol, sheriff deputies contacted the man at his home, where he and his girlfriend denied any involvement, feebly attempting to explain the incident away by claiming they had left the Jeep at Blondie’s and had gotten a ride home. But then the man’s memory cleared and he admitted to his misdeeds after being informed lying to the law would only make his day worse. He was arrested, charged with violation of bail bonds and traffic violations, and taken to jail.

Thursday, April 18

A man pounding beers from an 18-pack while speeding westbound on Highway 160 was pulled over by Deputy Corbin Claxton for driving 76 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone. At first the man claimed he drank “a couple” and was working on a third in the cup holder, but when asked by Deputy Claxton if he had perhaps drunk more, evident by empty cans on the floorboard, he ‘fessed up that he had consumed more than six beers. A buzz kill quickly followed after he failed the roadside sobriety test and was arrested for DUI, driving without insurance, and open container.

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