Paranoia in the canyon


It's an ill wind blowing up McElmo Canyon, spreading a sickness like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Perhaps we can all recover from the rants from the canyon if we were provided with legitimate documentation instead of a simple declaration that this is all from "government sources."

The only document Larry Tradlener references is a military field manual, interpreting this to mean the incarceration and interrogation of American civilians. Has he no knowledge that the U.S. military does in fact question enemy civilians during the intelligence collection process, where this manual was written to apply?

In addition, Tradlener has an apparent obsession with the Benghazi embassy incident, insisting on "transparency" from our government regarding the death of four Americans. Please provide us with transparency from the Bush administration and its fabricated intelligence which convinced Congress to follow that "emperor" into the war in Iraq, where more than 4,000 Americans and countless thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed.

Answers from the canyon, please.

David Primrose

Omaha, Neb.

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