A zoo would be a good addition

Dear Editor:I have an idea for the town of Mancos that would provide educational entertainment for the local people and visitors. Our town is a very small one with few of the perks that larger cities have. One of those perks is a zoo. I don't think it should be a full zoo, as that would be very expensive. I think just orangutans. They are easy to feed, super cute and they swing around in a classic ape fashion that everyone loves! I think it would also be fun to get the whole town involved in creating an orangutan exhibit. People could donate money if they don't feel like working, and people who can't afford to donate could help build the exhibit. We could have food that people could give the apes to watch them eat, and we could have pamphlets so people can learn more about orangutans. If anyone agrees with this idea, please write to the editor.

Sierra McCall

12 years old