Family is thankful for Dolores event

Dear Editor:

We would like to thank the Town of Dolores and all of the egg hunters and parents for the great Easter Egg hunt Saturday. It was by far the best municipal egg hunt we have ever attended. Joseph, 10, said, "They had a lot of eggs that were very full of delicious candy. There were lots of eggs for all of the kids to find."

"It was fun running to get all of the eggs," reported Courtney, age 5.

"The candy was the best," Grace, 5, added.

Caroline, 4, commented, "I liked picking the eggs up off the grass and eating lots of candy."

Alex, 8, would like to just say, "Thank you to the nice people who did the hunt and taped the eggs so the candy didn't fall out."

Thank you Town of Dolores! Thank you for organizing, preparing and providing a great activity for the entire family to enjoy at our beautiful park.

The Mecham Family,

Liisa, Matt, Joseph, Alex, Grace, Courtney and Caroline