Let's all take part

On Monday and Tuesday, the Dolores School High School Student Council will bring in a nationally recognized speaker on diversity and inclusion.

The Dolores Star is excited that Jamie Utt will be in Dolores and encourages everyone to attend the community meeting in the Dolores High School Library at 7 p.m.

Utt has been working with students and communities to build inclusive and justice-centered communities for nearly 10 years and empowering students to stand up to prejudice, bigotry and hate.

Today, at the national level, rhetoric has been highly charged. And locally, school board meetings too have be highly charged.

Hate can occur at many different levels and we all need to look inside ourselves and promise to be better. This speaker is a great part.

Bravo to Alina Umberger for thinking of bringing Utt to Dolores. He will also speak about bullying to middle school students and speak about prejudice, bigotry and hate to high school students.

The workshop presented by Utt will have high school students deconstruct what diversity means, break down what roles race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and class play in personal lives and in society.

This is an amazing opportunity for students and the community.

Accolades also go to the Dolores School Board of Education for giving the go-ahead to bringing in a professional mediator who hopefull will begin the healing process at the school district.

It is no secret that many are unsatisfied with the district right now. So now, it is time to dig deep and solve these problems.

Those interested in participating in the mediation process are strongly encouraged to call the school district at 882-7754 and you will be put in touch with the mediator.

This is our time to shine Dolores. Let's stand together once again.

Shannon Livick

Dolores Star editor