Rico fire fighters to train in rope rescue

At the regular Rico Fire Protection District Meeting in March under the approval of the agenda, Susan Robertson asked about whether the Rico Fire Protection District agenda was adequately publicized. Dave Kunz answered that as per the Department of Local Affairs, the regular meeting schedule needs to be posted in three public places and that special meetings need to be noticed 72 hours in advance. Mr. Kunz said that he would post monthly agendas at the Town Hall, the Fire Station and on the bulletin board outside of the Post Office. The agenda was approved unanimously.

Approval of Financial Report and Accounts Payable: The Financial Report did not make it over from Karen Moore in time for the meeting. Gregg Anderson proposed that RFPD members could email approval of the bills when they are received. Additional bills included $437.50 to David Kunz for administrative services from 1/21/13 to 2/18/13. Tyler Lapp requested reimbursement of $330 for his IV class.

Administrative Report Dave Kunz reports the Rico Center grant closed out with the exception of the EMT class funding which will be covered under Old Business.

CORSAR fund: Approximately $1800 of funds which must be invoiced by June 2013. The money will probably be used to put on a rope rescue class and purchase rope and climbing gear. Several possibilities of who could teach the class.

FEMA/AFG grant: This is an approximately $50k grant for new structural fire PPE. Some hopeful signs on this grant as the feds are looking for confirmation of bank deposit information.

SWAHAC grant: $36,800 for new SCBA's. The purchase order was submitted.

El Pomar/CFRF/VFA: A red card class (S130/190) is scheduled for March.

CDPHE/CREATE: This is a pool of money that could be used as a 50/50 match for EMS training or for an EMT class. RFPD must be submitting ambulance run data to the state in order to apply. Tyler and Dave have received the login info to start putting in the run reports.