Coffee-makers at Pony Expresso save the day

There was a blood drive at the Dolores High School last week and a few of the students left the drive a bit light-headed.

One such person, arrived at the Pony Expresso and told owners Mark Looper and Teresa Howell that she needed a quick pick-me-up, some coffee and something to eat.

Before Teresa knew it, the girl was starting to faint. Teresa said she quickly grabbed her arm and then Mark was able to run around the counter and catch her head before she hit the floor.

Way to save the day guys!


The Four States Ag Expo is this weekend. This is always a guaranteed good time and a good time to learn lots and lots. Last year, my mother spent the weekend learning how to drive a horse. I always meet new faces and see others I haven't seen in years. Be sure to stop by the Durango Herald/Cortez Journal/Dolores Star/Mancos Times booth. I should be there for a bit on Friday and you can stop and say "hi". You can also buy a subscription to one of our lovely papers while you are at it.


Our very own professional cyclist Lauren Hall is back on the racing circuit and is doing well. Of course she is. Good luck Lauren.


The Montezuma County Sheriff's Department reported an iPad was stolen from the Dolores Fire Station last month. These guys and gals put their life on the lines for us, they drop everything going on in their lives to run to our rescue, so this does make me mad.


Dolores Town employees were out in full force toward the end of last week sweeping the sidewalks along Highway 145 in Dolores -- a true sign of spring. But then it snowed, it snowed enough for CDOT to sand the roads over the weekend, so town employees were out sweeping the sidewalks again this week. Ah spring.


The Town Board on Monday approved a temporary liquor licence for the Dolores Chamber of Commerce's annual Spring Banquet, which will be April 27 this year.



March 15 - Charles Millard, Debbie Gonzales, Verbal Swank, Luther Hampson, Taz Vass, Brennan Hite

March 16 - Lynette Vallejos, Steve Higgins

Happy Anniversary to Roland & Connie Walter.

March 17 - James Melvin, Pat Burns, Dalton Michael Millonzi, Nichole Chavez

March 18 - Orlando Lopez, Larry Fitzwater, Matthew Allen Sturdevant, Summer Singleton, Bobbi Marie Cunningham (Shields)

March 19 - Arista Janae Petillo, Tawnee Rae Woosley, Tegan Dae Woosley, Lauren Thompson

March 20 - Kathryn Greenwood

March 21 - Bonnie Tibbets, Garan DeCharles Shaw, Marnita Kristin Warren, Linda Buzis, Darean Taylor Mott, John J. Wood, Brian Rantz

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